Seminars of 2019 ITAF! More to come as convention approaches! Be sure to check back for updates! Please register with the person doing the seminar. Do not contact ITAF for seminar registration. 


Advanced Lettering Techniques

Day/Time: SUNDAY @1pm

Cost: $150

Duration: 1 - 1.5 hrs

Where: Seminar Room

Professional Artists ONLY

Lettering remains one of the most important tools in a tattooist's armory. It's an artform in itself and one that can elevate an artist's entire repertoire. As personalized script becomes increasingly popular and increasingly prominent, the ability to execute it with precision is essential. 


In this seminar, BJ Betts  — an authority in letterforms, fonts and script who literally wrote the book (and its 4 sequels) on the topic — is on hand to talk technique and teach the methods that will improve your lettering. With over 20 years of tattooing and design experience, BJ knows the importance of the written word as a standalone or accompaniment to an artist's output.


Covering font structure, spacing, layout and design, the aim is to educate and inspire each attendee, providing the tuition to build on existing abilities and hone your own styles. Bad script ruins potentially great work —  this is a great opportunity  to go beyond the fundamentals for a deeper understanding.

To sign up, contact BJ directly: @bjbetts Website:

Have Hope, Health, & Wellness: Fostering a Longer & healthier Tattoo Career

Day/Time: SATURDAY @2pm

Cost: $50

Duration: 1 - 1.5hrs

Where: Seminar Room

Open to the Public


Cody Abell is an Under-80kg/175lb Strongman athlete and professional tattooer living and working in Northern Virginia. Cody began his professional tattooing career in 2007 and has spent the majority of his career working in the mid-Atlantic region.


After only a few years of working long hours and eating poorly, a 23-year-old Cody was overweight, ulcer-ridden and completely out of touch with taking care of his body. Luckily with the guidance of a few very experienced health and wellness professionals, Cody figured out how to make positive changes to his lifestyle and diet. He has reclaimed his bodily health, has greater peace of mind, and feels more in control of his life and his ability to foster a long, fulfilling career as a tattooer.


Caring about his health and wellness inadvertently helped Cody find passion in the sport of Strongman. Although he began competing in Strongman just two years ago, Cody captured the 2018 title of North Carolina's Strongest Man and placed third at the 2018 Strongman Corporation National Championships. Cody will achieve a personal dream when he competes at the 2019 Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships in Columbus, OH. 


The goal of this seminar is to enable tattooers to positively affect their daily lives by sharing skills and knowledge specific to our unique industry.

The seminar will cover the 3 main areas of health and wellness: Self care and mobility, Nutrition,Exercise.There will be first hand instruction, testimonials, real-world functional knowledge and learning tools to aid you in your pursuit of Health even after you leave. Everyone in attendance will be given a collection of tools and resources so that they can immediately implement these self care practices on their own. 

To sign up, contact Cody directly: @cody_abell and or drop by to see him at Marlowe Ink in Alexandria, VA.

Shane Enholm:

Tattoo History & Machine Theory

Day/Time: FRIDAY @5pm

Cost: $20

Duration: 45 - 60 min

Where: Seminar Room

Open to the Public

Shane Enholm is an American guitarist, singer, writer & tattooer who is known for his vivid stories of prison life, bank robbery and tattoo history.  Join Shane for a trip through time as only Shane can do detailing his adventures and his theories on tattooing and machine building.

To sign up, contact Shane directly: @shaneenholm

Building a Great Tattoo Biz

Presented By Gabe Ripley


Day/Time: SATURDAY @11am

Cost: $200

Early Registration: $149

Duration: 3hrs

Where: Seminar Room

Professional Artists ONLY


To be great you must organize your talents, work, and businesses for success. If you are tattooing for a living then you are a small business. If you don't understand the nature of business, then you are spending more energy and getting less out of your hard work. In this seminar artists, managers, studio owners, and apprentices will learn to think about all the details of a professional business plan as it relates specifically to high quality professional tattooing. Topics covered will include clearly defining your mission, how to build a strong business foundation, assessing your target markets, establishing branding, comparing competitors, clearly defining your services and products, human resources management, and how to track your vital statistics to insure your businesses fulfills its potential. We have watched and helped artists in all stages of careers, from aspiring artists and managers to artists of exceptional influence, and are happy to pass on the great ideas that have helped us achieve our goals time and time again as well as important mistakes made so you dont have to..

New and improved for 2019 to include the vital section "How to (not) lose your business in 10 days or less" - Lessons learned the hard way about the fatal mistakes you are probably making in your business now that will haunt you later. This part of the presentation could save you millions in your future. 

Seminar will be a 2 hour talk/slideshow with 20-30 minutes of business questions and answers from attendees.

For over two decades Gabe Ripley has been immersed in the business of tattooing helping amplify artists, studios owners, managers, and convention promoters efforts. After a freelance computer programming career in the US and Europe, Gabe first stepped into the tattoo business world in 1999 by creating TattooNOW, a technology business that currently powers over 100 tattoo industry websites around the world and has since helped tattooers generate millions of dollars in tattoo business. Gabe presented this seminar to over 200 artists at the first Worldwide Tattoo Conference in Rome in October 2011. "Everybody gave me good feedback because you gave to the artists good, easy, and interesting suggestions!" said Alex DePase the conference's promoter of the business seminar.

Each attendee will get access to a google docs folder including the following:

  • Sample Tattoo Studio Handbook.

  • Sample Daily and weekly checklists

  • Sample management action plan.

For questions, additional information, or to sign up for this seminar, please click HERE

Responsible Marketing Saturation

Presented By Gabe Ripley


Day/Time: SUNDAY @11am

Cost: $100

Early Registration: $75

Duration: 1.5hrs

Where: Seminar Room

Professional Artists ONLY

 Finding the line of cheesy advertising and finely tuned authentic effective marketing isn't always as simple as it should be. Tactics and techniques that work wonders for some will produce no results for others. First, we'll dissect the essentials of a strong cohesive (but not overbearing) marketing plan, how different factors will affect the market, and then blast through so many different marketing tactics that you will be dreaming about wondrous marketing campaigns and actions for a very long time.  

Every artist will leave with a clear set of marketing actions they can use to help spread their art and message far and wide.

For questions, additional information, or to sign up for this seminar, please click HERE

Getting the Perfect Tattoo

Presented By Gabe Ripley

Day/Time: FRIDAY @12:30pm


Cost: FREE

Duration: 1 hr

Where: Main Stage

Open to the Public

Whether you’re looking for your first small tattoo or you’re planning out the rest of your bodysuit, your goal is the same: getting the perfect tattoo. Essentially all you need to do is match the perfect ideas and tattoo design with the perfect tattoo artist. If only it were as easy as it sounds. 


Because of its relative permanency, a tattoo is not something to be taken lightly unless you already have a thorough knowledge of, and experience with, the process. They may be painful to get, but they’re even more painful to remove or cover. In tattooing, mistakes are very easy to make, and very difficult to fix. 


But lucky for us, it’s easier than ever to make smart tattoo decisions, due to the wealth of information now at our fingertips. Without doubt, the decision you make to get tattooed will affect you for the rest of your life. This seminar and guide will help you get started, or keep going, in the right direction. 

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