Animal Care & Protective Services

As one can see, it is important to the ITAF directors to not only give back to the community by raising money for Camp Boggy Creek, but to do something for the fur babies as well. With this in mind, there will be a raffle to raise awareness and money for Jacksonville Animal Care & Protective Services.


Jacksonville’s Animal Care and Protective Services (ACPS) provides animal control to the citizens in Jacksonville by fair enforcement and community education. ACPS also enhances the quality of life in their neighborhoods by offering quality pets for adoption at a reasonable cost. ACPS is dedicated to providing a high level of service to the citizens in Jacksonville and to saving the lives of all adoptable animals in our community.

If you are interested in helping ACPS in their mission, there will be a representative available to accept donations and speak with you at the show. Eric Inksmith, owner of Inksmith & Rogers Tattoo and long time advocate for animal wellness will also be taking donations for ACPS as well. 

To purchase a raffle ticket, please listen throughout the weekend to the announcements made to learn who to speak with and where to buy tickets.

For more information on ACPS, please click on their logo below.

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